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Closing Doors by Mark Rudolph

$10.00 / On Sale

Mark Rudolph’s Closing Doors is the story of struggling record store owner Elvin Cherry who is torn between the necessities of living in a stark urban landscape where mom and pop stores are quickly becoming a thing of the past and his love of the store that is not only his life’s work but also the hub of a small eccentric community.

Our communities have changed so much in the 21st century that many people no longer remember the thrill of digging through dusty crates and high-piled boxes for hidden gold. We rely more on yelp reviews for guidance than a learned shop owner behind a counter and showcase shop for the best deals instead of indulging in the age old tradition of haggling. Closing Doors is a love story for everyone who laments the loss of the record store down the block that started your obsession with Stax Records, the newsstand stand on the corner that sold you your first copy of Punk Magazine or local comic shop that showed you that there was more to there was more to funny books than DC vs. Marvel.